Please excuse that we don´t offer the full range of our food in all outlets. Look at your locations site for details.


Mood Food with the special „Cani Touch“

A delicious range of Italian, Asian and Pacific dishes. Pasta, pizza, wok, fresh fruits, salads, fancy desserts. A fresh cuisine, „just in time“ prepared for you. This is the „CANI FOOD“. Fresh For You!


A fresh and tasteful cuisine – this is the Cani philosophy. Everything you order is freshly prepared for you – just in time. Along with it have Italian coffee specialities, fruity or dry wines, Peroni, a chilled Italian premium beer, and refreshing drinks.


You can have a fast breakfast with freshly baked focaccia, small snacks, light dishes, sweet, spicy or classically Italian, everything freshly prepared for you with the special „Cani touch“.


Welcome to the Cani World.